Our newest candidate

In September 2012, Rama Chaulagain sat the entrance exam to nursing college for the third time, and whilst having achieved the pass mark on previous occasions, on this occasion she made it into the top 30 candidates, qualifying to enter nurse training. Rama, who lives in Hetauda with her parents and brother and sister, chose to do her training at the Narayani Medical & Technology Nursing College in Hetauda, in order to stay at home and help her parents with household tasks. Rama was over the moon to finally realise her dream to become a nurse and is taking her studies very seriously. She provides a regular account of her studies, her impressions and self-assessments, allowing us to keep track of her progress and offer her help as soon as a difficulty arises. For instance, Rama informed us that she felt her exam performance in integrated sciences was poor and that she was struggling with the subject matter. We immediately suggested she take private tuition for as long as she needs to improve her understanding of the subject.


Welcome to Words for Solidarity

A project providing Nepalese women with the financial and moral support to train as nurses.

Words for Solidarity was created by three nurses from widely differing backgrounds, united by the shared values of their profession: commitment to good quality health provision without discrimination.

Words for Solidarity is a sponsorship scheme that goes beyond financial support, to offer moral and ethical guidance in the values of the nursing profession and mentoring for the achievement of confidence and job satisfaction.

On the following pages read about the Words for Solidarity project and how you can help us support Nepalese women to become professional, ethically responsible nurses.

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